About Triloka

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We at Triloka recognize that we live in a world with fewer and fewer boundaries, and that not everyone who practices yoga wishes to espouse an Asian “-ism”.  Not all who meditate wish to be Buddhist or Hindu, nor is it a requirement for all martial artists to become Zen monks or Daoists.  At Triloka, we delve deep into the practices and human development systems of India, Tibet, and East Asia, identify their unique cultural and religious histories, and clarify their moving parts. We learn that there is a core curriculum common to these related systems, and that this curriculum is most easily accesed in an experiential and straightforward manner. We honor the roots and branches of these traditions while making the entire spectrum of training available to people of all backgrounds and religions. If you desire to discover your hidden potentials, become more of yourself, and to be empowered to take responsiblity for your own path in the 21st century, then Triloka is designed specifically for you.

Triloka is is open to people of all faiths, ages, sizes, and walks of life.  We teach fundamental methods of working with yourself; we teach secrets that until now were passed down only from master to master; we teach integration for people willing to step in to the living river of internal arts that flows to us from ages past.  If you are ready, we are here…