Triloka’s carefully designed training modules ensure that you have the ability to create a personal and professional practice based on the solid foundation of thousands of years of shared oriental traditions. Our curriculum includes the very best of Yang style taiji and is the result of decades of research, practice, and instructor training. We have taken the ancient teachings of taiji and streamlined them, decoding the arcane language, emphasizing practicality over dogmatic tradition, and improving the instruction process by including internet based learning components.

Living Taiji Foundations

In Triloka’s Living Taiji Foundation Course you will first learn the basics of internal gongfu, Daoist yoga, and self-healing.  Then it’s on to taiji! You will learn two Yang style taiji forms – one simple 13 posture form for training and one longer traditional form.  Next come the self-defense movements that are hidden in each form, then secret internal training.  What sets this course apart from other taiji trainings is that in addition to learning the history and lineage of taiji, you will also learn dozens of secret techniques such as energy extension, “nei gong”, and “push hands”  that will bring your practice to the next level.  Graduation from Triloka’s Taiji Foundation Course gives you comfort and confidence in facilitating group practices as well as the ability to continually evolve in the solo form.

Triloka’s 2017-18 Living Taiji Foundation Course Dates:

4 Weekends:

Module 1:

  • Nov 1-5, 2017
  • Jan 10-14, 2018

Module 2

  • Mar 28-Apr 1, 2018
  • May 16-20, 2018


The venue is a private and secluded residence in Saratoga, CA.  South of San Francisco, you will be fed 2 mostly vegetarian meals (lunch and dinner) each day.

To register, click on this link to go to Triloka’s Web Portal:

Living Taiji Advanced Course

Triloka’s Living Taiji Advanced Course picks up where the Foundation Course left off. Here you learn how to move and feel energy using healing and martial qigong, how the secrets of taiji can be used to enhance your health and vitality. You’ll also learn a weapons form, the rarely seen “fast form” of taiji, advanced nei gong (inner skill), martial qigong, and hua ching (metaphysicial fighting). Participants in our advanced course will have the option of shifu (master instructor) training.